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November 4, 2022

Cedar Trails Senior Living Spreads Diabetes Awareness in the Community

Category: Health & Wellness

Author: Staci Jenkins, Director of Wellness

It was November 1975 when the American Diabetes Association (ADA) first declared November National Diabetes Awareness Month. While diabetes is a common condition among Americans, there are still many Americans that are unaware of what diabetes is, who is at risk, and what chronic conditions can result from the disease. For example, most Americans with diabetes have Type 2, which is highly preventable with diet, exercise, education, and understanding of the disease. As Director of Wellness at Cedar Trails Senior Living, it is up to me to spread awareness and provide education for diabetes.

The main difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that Type 1 often shows up early in life. The immune system attacks and destroys insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This means the body is no longer able to produce insulin. Type 1 is managed by injecting insulin. With Type 2, the body is unable to make enough insulin, or the insulin produced by the body doesn’t work properly. Type 2 may be managed with diet and exercise alone or may require medication.

Early signs and symptoms of diabetes can include going to the bathroom more often, especially at night, increased thirst, feeling more tired than usual, unexpectedly losing weight, cuts or wounds that take longer to heal, and blurred vision.

Having diabetes can lead to other health problems. Diabetics can have problems with high blood pressure, heart disease, and heart failure. They can also suffer from osteoarthritis and joint disorders.

Sometimes lifestyle changes are enough to manage diabetes. Eating healthy and exercising are two of the main ways you can manage your diabetes. Managing stress levels, stopping smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption are other factors that can help manage diabetes.

Poor diet and lack of physical exercise are two of the biggest obstacles for those at-risk for developing diabetes. Sometimes income plays a part in a poor diet. Physical restrictions can prevent others from physical exercise.

You can support those with diabetes by learning about the disease, being kind and not judging. Learn the symptoms of low blood sugar and how to react. Serving a variety of foods at gatherings will allow those with diabetes to enjoy the moment. Consider an exercise program that you can do together and offer mental and emotional support.

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of diabetes. The Wellness Team of

Cedar Trails Senior Living is highly trained to recognize, educate, and help with the prevention of diabetes. We are also skilled with assisting residents currently afflicted with the disease.

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