Cedar Trails Senior Living Plant Operations Allows No Slip Ups With Building Safety

Building Safety Month takes place in May every year and is internationally recognized for raising awareness in keeping buildings safe. 

This initiative unites industries, associations, academia, and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient environment. Our primary focus as the Plant Operations Team at Cedar Trails Senior Living Freeburg, IL is keeping our residents, visitors, and staff safe.

There are tasks we perform regularly to safeguard our community. We are constantly guarding against slips and falls. We do monthly fire drills and learn first aid. In our monthly residents’ meetings, we talk about the safety hazards that are in our community. Lockout tagout is an important part of the Plant Operations Team training.

I oversee all building maintenance. It is also my job to make sure all employees know about using wet floor signs, what lockout tagout means, and where safety procedure books are in the building. I’m working with residents and employees on a better way to exit the building in case of a fire.

Building safety is also important in my home. I have smoke detectors and do my best to prevent slips and trips. I am always checking fire alarms and extinguishers.