Memory Care HERstory

My name is Shelbe Hostmeyer, and I’m the memory care director at Cedar Trails Senior Living.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to take a moment to celebrate Mollie, one of our neighborhood residents! 

Mollie grew up in Wift, Illinois. She was a stay-at-home traveling mother; her career was her family and her home. Mollie was a mother to two boys. While her husband Donald was in the Navy, they moved around a lot. For 13 years, Mollie spent seven months of the year in Hawaii. She enjoys listening to many types of music and likes to sing and dance.

I feel it is important to honor the stories and history of individuals with dementia, because I feel like it helps them remember the little things in life. It also helps future generations learn from their past experiences. If a resident is having a bad day or having trouble with something, if we can help them through their tough moments, it helps us learn and live through them.

In the Cedar Trails Neighborhood, we try to connect individuals living with dementia to their personal history by reminding them of the good memories they had. For instance, certain activities, like sewing or knitting with a resident that was a seamstress, are great ways to connect with the resident.

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